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Top Paragliding Destinations in Sardinia: Soar Above Stunning Landscapes

Experience Paragliding in Sardinia: Soaring High Over Spectacular Scenery

Paragliding in Sardinia offers an unparalleled opportunity to soar through the sky while enjoying some of the Mediterranean’s most breathtaking landscapes. From the rugged cliffs of Alghero to the serene vistas of Cala Gonone, each location provides a unique backdrop for an unforgettable adventure in the air. Whether you’re a seasoned paraglider or a curious first-timer, the variety of spots across the island cater to every level of experience and promise exhilarating flights.


Alghero Known for its beautiful historic town and stunning coastal views, Alghero is a prime spot for paragliders looking to combine cultural visits with aerial adventures. The favourable winds and open landscapes make it ideal for both beginners and experienced pilots.

Monte Corrasi Situated in the mountainous interior of Sardinia, Monte Corrasi offers dynamic flying conditions that are perfect for those looking to test their skills. The thermal currents around this limestone giant allow for thrilling cross-country flights.

Cala Gonone This coastal gem provides not just scenic flights but also the chance to land near beaches where you can relax after a session in the sky. The panoramic views of the Gulf of Orosei are simply spectacular, making every flight here a magical experience.

Littigheddu During the summer months, Littigheddu becomes a bustling hub for local pilots. Its bar takeoff area adds a unique touch, making it a social spot where flyers can share tips and experiences.

Portoscuso This location offers a mix of thermal and dynamic conditions, suitable for pilots looking to experience a variety of flying during their session. The coastal views mixed with industrial landmarks provide a distinctive backdrop.

Bortigali The go-to spot for cross-country enthusiasts in Sardinia, Bortigali is known for its strong summer thermals that allow for extended flights across the island’s diverse landscapes.

Argentiera As a soaring spot, Argentiera is known for its consistent winds that are ideal for beginners and leisure flyers. The historical mining town nearby also offers a unique cultural snapshot, enhancing the flying experience with a touch of history.

Bosa at Sabba Druche Bosa provides a picturesque setting for paragliding, especially over the Sabba Druche camping area. It is perfect for flyers who enjoy scenic views of the coast. With a convenient takeoff spot near a beach bar and camping facilities, it’s an excellent location for those looking to relax and enjoy leisure activities before or after their flights.

Each of these locations in Sardinia offers its own unique charm and challenges, making the island a top destination for paragliding enthusiasts. Whether you’re looking to improve your flying skills, enjoy leisurely flights over beautiful landscapes, or embark on thrilling cross-country adventures, Sardinia provides the perfect setting with its diverse range of paragliding spots. Join us at NuAdventure and discover why this beautiful island is a paradise for paragliders.

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