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It’s all about reconnecting with nature

We believe in the power of nature, so we’re in it as much as possible. But we also believe in the power of togetherness – helping each other to overcome the challenges we find in our natural landscape. When we’re adventuring by land, across water or through the air, gravity is a constant challenge. And so playing with gravity runs through almost all of the skills we share and practice. It’s an important part of reconnecting with nature – and ourselves.


We talk about nature a lot. We think it’s the place where we were designed to be, to play, to heal, and to grow stronger. We also think every human being knows this on some level, even if we loose touch with it now and again. So here we are to help you reconnect with nature. We want to put you in touch with your intuition, your inner child. And if you believe you’re no longer a child, this might help change your mind.


Busy bodies need to be fuelled with tasty and nutritious foods. We do this by eating real, fresh, nutritionally dense and seasonally relevant dishes. We try to strike a balance between healthy food and some of the Sardinian specialities. These are the slow foods that have been grown, procured and prepared locally according to ancient traditions. But of course, there may even be one or two modern treats along the way.


We believe that real adventurers leave very little trace of their journey in nature. And by enjoying the outdoors responsibly, we are able to share with our guests some of the gems of the island. For example, Tattano the shepherd, the turtles and donkeys of Asinara.Our sense of responsibility to the island (and the environment) is what opens the doors to the heart and soul of Sardinia.


You’ve heard it a hundred times, exercise should be fun. So instead of talking about it, we build it in to our adventures using the environment and the situations we find ourselves in. Not everywhere, but wherever it helps us – to get into flow, to face a challenge or to come togetherness as a tribe.


It’s in our DNA: setting out into unknown territory, leaving comfort zones far behind and discovering what the universe has in store. Adventure is good for your body, your mind and spirit. At NuAdventure, it’s the course that connects – people, nature and motivated exercise. It challenges and rewards us, with experience, wisdom and stories to tell. Adventure can even be a way to get from A to B – sometimes the only way.


Experience Flow. A state of consciousness where we become totally absorbed in what we are doing, to the exclusion of all other thoughts and emotions; a harmonious experience where mind and body are working together effortlessly; leaving us feeling that something special has just occurred. By experiencing flow states through action, you get a valuable glimpse into your true potential.


We are convinced that there is no perfect position for our bodies, because we were designed to be in constant motion. This is why nature is central to our formula: It encourages, or demands, agile, skillful and continual movement, making it the complete training environment. To help you prepare for each new day, we combine aspects of every successful movement program we’ve found – CrossFit, MovNat, Martial Arts, and more.


Without challenge there is no adventure. Some are personal challenges, some are group challenges. Both help us to grow – as individuals – and as a group of likeminded adventurers who grow together to become a small tribe. So prepare yourself to be part of a solution to countless challenges, small and large, if you choose to join us!


The spirit of adventure is closely entwined with working together to overcome the obstacles we face. In turn the adventure allows us to form new bonds and friendships, to get to know people from different backgrounds, to meet those who inspire us – it’s all part of the experience.

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“This is an island where coastal thrills, prehistoric mysteries, and sheep, rule over roads”

Where it all happens

Sardinia’s great outdoors is rich and wild. The combination of sea, mountains and Mediterranean microclimate give you the confidence to test your boundaries. And it has an abundance of fresh vegetables, fish and lean meat – tasty food is another part of our formula. The island’s authentic agriturismos make great base camps. But you’ll also sleep under a starry sky!

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