Congratulations to test pilots Jun & Ted!

May 18, 2016


Congratulations to test pilots Jun & Ted!

Your response to our test pilot search has been amazing! We have received more than 30 applications. And best of all – they’ve come from nearly as many countries: Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Greece, Hawaii, Ireland, Israel, New Zealand, Scotland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, USA, Wales – not to mention mainland Italy and Sardinia!

And guess what… nearly all of you are a great fit for the premier adventure. We have been short-listing the most suitable candidates over the last few days. It hasn’t been easy, but reading your applications and getting to know you better has been incredibly inspiring for us.

So, with just four weeks before the premier 7-day adventure, we have chosen our two test pilots to make up our team of six. Please wish them luck …they’re going to need to all the help they can get to survive the trip with us, our film team and the unknown!

And welcome aboard Jun Lee & Ted Yoa – we look forward to seeing you next month!

To each and every one of you who applied to become test pilots – thank you! We hope to meet as many of you as possible on future adventures – here in Sardinia or elsewhere in the world.

We must also say a big thanks to our partners, Red Paddle Co. and Tentsile who have made it possible for us to reach out in this way. We look forward to the opportunity of reconnecting many more of your followers with nature in the near future 😉

Mille grazie,
Fabrizio & Lohene


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