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Beginners – Intermediates

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We offers you the opportunity to experience yoga lessons in a unique environment. Achieve calmness and serenity through the fluid movement of water and nature’s surroundings, while at the same time you take advantage of your core’s underlying power.

Imagine nature being your studio and the board your mat. That’s Paddleboard Yoga! 

Why settle for a replica of natural surroundings when you can have the real thing? Outdoor classes add a different dimension to one’s practice and pare yoga down to its original link with nature. 

“Yoga means ‘union,’ and when it’s practiced outdoors it seems like the union with nature, humanity, and the universe is truly felt”

Our goal is to offer you a reinvigorating experience to be remembered forever. The gentle sound of water lapping while on a paddleboard will help you relax and combat stress, fatigue, and pain. Breathing fresh air, soaking up vitamin D and enjoying the natural landscape of the Sardinian sea, beats just about any gym or studio out there. 

There is absolutely no need for prior experience of Yoga or Stand up Paddle. We welcome all levels, from beginners to pro, aiming to provide a unique experience of Yoga, while enjoying the natural splendor of floating in the water.

From total beginners to the more adventurous Yogi. This is an awesome way to excersise outdoors & enjoy the water!

The worse that can happen is you fall in…and that’s actually the BEST and MOST FUN Part…yes you do get wet!;-)


Tour: About 2 hours.

Price per person

25 €


Under 18 years need parents written permission. Weight: 20 – 120 kg


Beginners – Intermediates

Class size

Minimum 4 and maximum 8.
Contact us for larger groups or private class(1on1 or 1on2)

What is Included

• Yoga Instruction accredited by Yoga Alliance

• ISA Basic SUP Instruction
• Use of RedPaddleCo SUPs and equipment (board, paddle, safety leash)
• Photo memories

What to wear?

Bathing suits that are comfortable are suitable and/or you can wear light wicking yoga gear that you would normally wear to a studio and don’t  mind if it gets wet.

What to bring with?

A bottle of water – sunscreen – we are eco-conscious and require your Sunscreen to be eco-friendly -Towel and/or Pareo – rash guard – a Hat, preferably one you don’t mind that gets wet!  Baseball hats are ideal – Change of Clothing –

Smile and positive energy.

We encourage you to leave your smartphones and cameras back at your hotel/home. We are more than happy to take photos for you during class so that you may concentrate on your practice

Meeting piont?

We start our SUP journes at Cafè del Porto (Bosa Marina).

Get your photo memories

You can leave your phone on the coast, as we will be catching the best moments with Go pro camera and share them with you after.

Where can I leave my stuff?

After you will meet us, SUP instructor will take your backpacks and valuable stuff and put them in NuAdventure van, which is parked in a safe area.

Who is SUP YOGA for?

First time Yogis and Paddlers are welcome!

This SUP YOGA class is suitable for yoga beginners or yoga pros, there will be something for all abilities in our SUP yoga classes and yoga.

Is SUP Difficult? Do I Need Special Skills?

No-Our adventures are customized to allow everyone to enjoy this sport. Our equipment is very stable and designed for flatwater gliding with minimal effort.

If you are a beginner,  keep in mind you could be falling! That’s the fun part!

Whilst SUP is promoted as easy, you will not have much fun out on the water if you don’t invest in a proper lesson.  This would be at least 30 minutes instruction on the beach before even entering the water.

What happens in case of bad weather?

Ensuring paddlers safety is the number one priority. We can take you paddling in sunny and cloudy weather, but not in a case of heavy rain, river current or wind.

If during a bad weather forecast SUP tour can not be rescheduled to the afternoon or next day, we will make a full refund

Departure time table

Classes are avaliable Friday, Saturday & Sunday from 9:00am – 11:00am.

Week day classes available upon request!

If you wish to join us but timetable doesn’t suit your travel plan, please contact us for a class tailored to your needs.

Can I take a SUP course?

Yes – We do a Standard ISA SUP Course – 3 lessons in which, starting from the beach, will be teach in detail the technique of paddling and how to use a SUP board and will be teach to paddle independently in flat water conditions.

You require or recommend travel insurance?

To participate in the activities NuAdventure recommend that you have an appropriate insurance policy covering, during the planned sporting activities for the Third Party Liability (RCT), for medical expenses and for emergency relief. If you have not already activated your insurance, we recommend the Multisport policy 24hAssistance. You can choose daily insurance at a cost of 3.5 euro per day or an annual policy at the cost of 39,90 euro. For the activation of the policy can provide for you independently on site 24h Assistance. If you want to buy an annual policy we will send the discount code to be entered to get the discounted rate (39,90 € instead of 46 €). Please request this at the time of booking.

What is SUP Yoga?

Stand Up Paddle board (SUP) Yoga is a fun experience.

You will develop strength, balance, and flexibility.

It is a unique way of connecting with nature.

The yoga practice and postures are adapted to your level of confidence on the board, and to your level of experience in yoga.

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  • “My son (15) and I (15+) did an afternoon of paragliding with Fabrizio and his girlfriend yesterday. It was amazing. They were both so friendly and helpful. We felt very safe and looked after. Once in the air, the panoramic view with the surrounding mountains (where the rare griffon eagles reside), clear skies and acquamarine coastline made it a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we will not quickly forget. Fantastic, adrenaline-fuelled fun with great people. Do it today, you will not regret it”

    Grelen. / London, England
  • “What an amazing week! very easy to book and quick to answered all my questions. We traveled to some of the most beautiful places i have been to. They were well prepared when the weather was not quite right for the activities. Great local food. Had a great time with great people. I would love to do it again.”

    LINDA T. / Wellington, NEW ZELAND
  • “I think it’s safe to say I had the most amazing week I could have in Sardinia. Amazing people, astonishing nature and indulging food. NüAdventure brought me back to where I want to be.”

    Mieke L. / Netherlands
  • “To me, NuAdventure was as much a wonderful experience enjoying a new place with new (and like-minded) people, excellent food, and a real vacation (adventure!) from work, as much as it was a zen-like experience where I stepped outside of myself and my comfort zone…”

    MATEO M., Cohibafan / MAUI, HAWAII


Fabrizio & Lohene, we are a new generation of movers, who combine adventure sports and a passion for nature, well-being and fitness. NuAdventure is how we spreads our love for adventure and self discovery in Sardinia.
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“Life begin at the end of your comfort zone”

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