JUNE 1 –  JUNE 8  2019

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    1TH – 8TH JUNE 2019

Drive your Adventure 

A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE OF A WEEK OF van life & ADVENTURE in one of the most beautiful ISLAND oF Mediterranean SEA, SARDINIA

We are inviting you to come to dive into our colourful universe, offering vibrant & adventure seeking people the opportunity to explore & unleash their true potential.

Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and it amazes visitors with its natural contrasts- the mountainous interior and the gorgeous white sand beaches and characteristic coves the line the 2,000 kilometres of coastline. We’ve designed this unique retreat to give you a one-of-a-kind travel experience that you will never forget!

Travelling in a campervan means freedom to explore the unknown, to improvise. Allow yourself to step out of your comfort zone and explore nature, challenge yourself physically and mentally, and engage with unique environments.

Each day you’ll wake up to the beautiful sunrise and sea views and you will be guided through 20 minutes of meditation and yoga before enjoying a fresh local breakfast.

Throughout our week we will travel in our vans from the north-east to the west of the island, stopping at some of the most beautiful spots on the island where you can experience the wild side of Sardinia and swim in the beautiful turquoise waters.

As with all of our retreats, every day will be filled with new adventures from daily paddle excursions, hiking, freediving, Via Ferrata, paragliding, city tours and wine tasting. Through the variety of daily activities, you will get a true sense of the beauty that is Sardinia! Plus, every day will include workshops on various forms of yoga – acro & SUP – and we explore partnered movement through gravity, weight distribution, and one-on-one connection. 

If you’re looking for the ultimate wellness experience and an adventure of a lifetime all in one – look no more.


JUNE. 1 – 8, 2019




We have 4 Stylish VW camper(Cool Campers) vans reserved for you. Yes, you will be driving your own van! Our vans (Fanny, Anna, Charlie and Leo) combine the best of the old and the new, contrasting the legendary status of retro VW campers with updated features for a comfy, fun road trip experience. Synonymous of freedom and adventure, the VW camper vans have been tastefully restored to offer maximum comfort and amenities! Each camper van will sleep 2 people and has it’s own fully stocked kitchenette, linens, outdoor seating and everything you need to be comfortable for a week of exploration.  The vans are manual- we will have a mini- manual driving lesson on the 1st day for anyone who may be a bit rusty when it comes to driving a manual!

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Stand Up Paddle Boarding… Our SUP school is run by qualified ISA instructors and we welcome all levels – including complete beginners. Stand up paddle boarding will give you one of the most amazing perspectives of the surrounding beaches and hidden coves in Sardinia.

* The risks of becoming totally addicted to this sport are pretty high… We just thought you should know ! 

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Yoga & SUPYoga 

During the NuAdventure Experience, we will step on the mat every day! The practices will be tailored to the group and each individual.  Our intention is to accompany you into exploring beyond the practice.  We will also combine the yoga practices with SUPYoga and/or other sessions. We will do at least one signature FloYo class, one FloYo Fit class and one SloFlo class during the week (weather pending). We will spend our days exploring and finding the nicest spots for acro yoga and stand-up paddling along the beautiful shoreline. We will ensure we don’t miss any of the stunning sunsets that the Islands offer.

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Busy bodies need to be fuelled with tasty and nutritious foods. We do this by eating real, fresh, nutritionally dense and seasonally relevant dishes. We try to strike a balance between healthy food and some of the Sardinian specialties. These are the slow foods that have been grown, procured and prepared locally according to ancient traditions. But of course, there may even be one or two modern treats along the way. To live this experience to the fullest, you’ll obviously need some very good fuel, and that’s why we thought of including a delicious & healthy menu. The NuAdventure’ approach is all about eating clean, without compromising the pleasure. We believe in finding the right balance.

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“You think adventure is dangerous…try routine, it’s lethal.”

Sardinia is still such a raw & wild country to explore. It’s in our DNA: setting out into unknown territory, leaving comfort zones far behind and discovering what the universe has in store. Adventure is good for your body, your mind, and spirit. At NuAdventure, it’s the course that connects – people, nature, and motivated exercise. It challenges and rewards us, with experience, wisdom, and stories to tell.

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In Sardinia, the wine has always represented an important resource, an ancient history which is capable of surprising even today; an indissoluble heritage from culture, from places and from people who live here. From white wines to reds, an enological path also passing in the other styles and, among them, authentic rarities, extraordinary representatives of the island’s winemaking, such as Malvasia di Bosa and Vernaccia di Oristano. Two wonderful examples of wines with an extraordinary ancient taste, which give their best with very long times of aging.  The noble D.O.C. wine Malvasia di Bosa, which in these lands fins not only its cultural and social terroir but that here is still produced and refined thanks to the passion and pride of a few resistant vigneron, strongly dedicated to the protection and preservation of this rare grape and its delicious nectar. The “experiences” take shape in paths connected with wine, Planargia and the story that the generations of the vigneron can tell.
We combine the taste with the landscape beauty of Malvasia.

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  • “My son (15) and I (15+) did an afternoon of paragliding with Fabrizio and his girlfriend yesterday. It was amazing. They were both so friendly and helpful. We felt very safe and looked after. Once in the air, the panoramic view with the surrounding mountains (where the rare griffon eagles reside), clear skies and acquamarine coastline made it a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we will not quickly forget. Fantastic, adrenaline-fuelled fun with great people. Do it today, you will not regret it”

    Grelen. / London, England
  • “What an amazing week! very easy to book and quick to answered all my questions. We traveled to some of the most beautiful places i have been to. They were well prepared when the weather was not quite right for the activities. Great local food. Had a great time with great people. I would love to do it again.”

    LINDA T. / Wellington, NEW ZELAND
  • “I think it’s safe to say I had the most amazing week I could have in Sardinia. Amazing people, astonishing nature and indulging food. NüAdventure brought me back to where I want to be.”

    Mieke L. / Netherlands
  • “To me, NuAdventure was as much a wonderful experience enjoying a new place with new (and like-minded) people, excellent food, and a real vacation (adventure!) from work, as much as it was a zen-like experience where I stepped outside of myself and my comfort zone…”

    MATEO M., Cohibafan / MAUI, HAWAII

>>When & How<<


  • 7 Days/ 6 nights in a dreamy vintage VW T2 Van rental (van comes fully equipped with everything you will need to sleep in the van!)
  • 3 meals a day (breakfast cooked at the camping site, packed lunch, dinner)
  • local Malvasia wine discovery experience (1 degustation pp)
  • All daily adventures and activities

  • Daily yoga and meditation classes + speciality yoga workshops

  • 2 local guides with you 24/7

  • 2 support vehicles (to lead the caravan and support in case of a van breaking down or having mechanical issues)

  • Basic SUP Instruction
  • SUP and Hike Exploration
  • SUPYoga Class
  • Use of RedPaddleCo SUPs and equipment
  • Photo memories
  • Yoga Mat (on request)
  • Adventure and Relaxation
  • Airport Transfers
  • New friends that will likely last a lifetime


• Flight ticket to Sardinia,

• Travel insurance (required)

• Gasoline

• Camping fees (if we decide to stay at a camp site, the cost of a campsite is not included)

• Additional food/alcohol

• Tips


Our week together has been carefully planned, but we don’t treat the schedule like a rigid itinerary. Instead, we provide an organic experience so that you can practice being fully present. Sometimes this means not knowing the plan for the next day, or – on occasion – even for the next hour. Apart from allowing us to get the best out of the island and the activities we have in store, this makes it easier for you to embrace each moment.
We encourage you to adapt to and appreciate the adventure in any circumstance that comes our way. After all, outside your comfort zone is where some of the best growth takes place!

Our retreat is not designed to provide you with a luxury hotel, our task is to reconnect you with your senses, which we do by bringing you closer to nature and closer to each other while exploring the island.
 * The following schedule is flexible. It will adapt to the needs of each group or other reasons.


Meeting point and pickup at  Airport .
Welcome coffè with the Crew.


  • Daily meditation, yoga
  • Breakfast camp
  • Going for a day adventure, with stops on different beaches, time for SUP Exploration and tour or Hike, swimming, snorkeling. Adventure of the day.
  • Lunchtime.
  • Free time for siesta, swimming, relaxing or socializing.
  • Evening Sunset Yoga or SUP Yoga class, sunset SUP Tour or workshop.
  • Dinner 

For safety reasons, weather, and logistic conditions may change without notice the programs.


  • Instruction Language: English/French/Italian
  • Spoken languages: English/French/Italian/Portuguese


  • JUNE 1- 8, 2019

The secret to happiness? Spend money on experiences. Not things !



This adventure is for women and man aged anywhere between 18 and 100 years old, that are ready to ignite their passion for adventure! We are looking for vibrant, passionate and active people, who are not afraid of getting wet & salty, who are willing to say Yes to new challenges, and who are thirsty to learn, share and welcome new perspectives. Having a burning desire to be part of this is all you need; no prior experience in Acroyoga, SUP, yoga, hiking is necessary.  Please note that this is an extremely active retreat- all participants must be physically fit and ready for adventure!

If you are seeking a super relaxing retreat, filled with pedicures and manicures…sorry, but this is not the experience you are looking for. 

Are you ready for your next great adventure?



Fabrizio & Lohene, we are a new generation of movers, who combine adventure sports and a passion for nature, well-being and fitness. NuAdventure is how we spreads our love for adventure and self discovery in Sardinia.
We consider every element of adventure, searching for experiences that are epic, authentic, and socially responsible.
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