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    Cerchiamo di condurre lo stesso stile di vita che promuoviamo, che significa anche non avere molto tempo a disposizione per scrivere un diario delle nostre avventure, come in realtà vorremmo fare. Se volessi lasciare un commento o scrivere qualcosa su e per noi (specialmente se hai partecipato alle nostre avventure), saremo davvero lieti di leggere la tua opinione!

April 16, 2020
COVID-19: Message from Nu Family

COVID-19: A message from our founders Dear NuAdventure tribe, the desire to explore the mountains and wild places around us…

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February 2, 2019
Love is in the air in Sardinia

After a wonderful honeymoon in South East Asia, Fabrizio and Lohene are back in Sardinia feeling more passionate about the coming…

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April 26, 2018
Sardinia Active Holiday – where to start?

The combination of a mild climate, beauty, and variety of landscapes and the warm hospitality of a population with thousands of…

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October 24, 2017
Beneath The Surface
  At the start of summer 2017 we got a call from RedpaddleCo they told us they want to come to... Read More
January 11, 2017
The van packed as if we moved our entire house into it and leaving only enough space for us. It is... Read More
December 26, 2016
Top 10 Adventure Sports to do in Sardinia, Italy

TOP 10 ADVENTURE SPORTS TO DO IN SARDINIA, ITALY By: Jennifer Avventura Sardinia, Italy is an enchanting island and sanctuary…

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