COVID-19: Message from Nu Family

April 16, 2020


COVID-19: A message from our founders

Dear NuAdventure tribe,

the desire to explore the mountains and wild places around us is integral to who we are as a company and who we are as people. We live to work, to play and to educate in the outdoors; to share our passion and knowledge with others. To live adventurously. It’s in our DNA.

Coronavirus continues to turn our world upside down, with travel bans and border closures springing up worldwide. We’re well aware of how unsettling this all must be for you right now, so we just wanted to update you about our response so far and what to expect from us going forward.

Suspension of Tours/Activities – until the end of May 2020
Here’s what we’re doing to protect our customers and our local community in these extraordinary times.
Sadly, all trips departing April and May have now been postponed. Trips after that are all currently going ahead as planned until further notice, though we fear that disruption is likely to go into June and beyond.

The Future…
As it currently stands, we are still running events from May onwards. We are taking pre-cautions and we will be following the advice of our government closely. This may change and we will contact our clients directly when/if this happens. We’re providing even more flexibility. We’ll hold your booking for as long as you need it.

We’re adding extra dates for 2020, 2021.

If you are concerned about your trip and would like to discuss your options, please email us on and we’ll be happy to help you.

For People Wanting to Book
Please do! We’ve outlined some temporary booking conditions, valid for all bookings made from 20th March until 1st August. If you book, and then have to cancel your event due to Coronavirus:

• Cancellation or postponement, 15+ days before event: we will provide a 100% refund.
• Cancellation or postponement, 10-14 days before event: 50% refund
• Cancellation or postponement, 9-days or less – no refunds

Looking ahead
We’ll still be working on new adventures, with some fantastic new experiences for when you’re ready to explore Sardinia again.
Meanwhile, we will try to provide you some advice on how to sharpen your body, mind, and soul from your home during this time, so you will be ready for any adventures that will come in the future. #fit4adventure
We’ll also continue to keep you entertained and inspired for when you will be ready to come to visit us again.

So follow us on Instagram and Facebook for updates.

How Can You Support NuAdventure?

Spread the word!
Please tell your friends and family about NuAdventure. We, and others in the travel and tourism industry (and our friends in the hospitality industry) are facing unprecedented times. Anything you can do to keep our company in the spotlight would be gratefully appreciated.

Plan & Book Your Next Adventure!
Wanderlust and staying indoors are a perfect recipe for planning your next great adventure.

Share our Social Media Posts

and finally…
We just want to say

Thank You 🙏🏼

We look forward to seeing you OUTDOOR!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more inspiration


Fabrizio & Lohene 💚💛
Founders, NuAdventure

If you have any questions regarding an upcoming trip or activity with us, please email us at

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