• Faq

1a) Will I have the necessary stamina for this trip?

If you are generally fit and do some time of aerobic exercise (such as running) a few times a week then you should be fine. If you want some exact parameters it’s best you get in touch with us and we can help you from there.

1b) I have no experience of some of these activities – will I manage the trip?

As long as you are physically active and have no serious medical conditions, you should be able to take part in all the activities on this trip. If you are unsure, please consult your doctor or even your Personal Trainer if you have one!

1c) I’m planning to come on your 7 day adventure, but I need to prepare for it – what exercises can I do before the trip?

The best thing anyone can do to get ready for a trip like this is to increase stamina and general health. Try to get a wide range of exercise for your entire body – yoga and cross training for example.


More than half of our travellers have never experienced paragliding , stood on a SUP, or done Via Farrata. We are here to help you make the most of your body and your potential. The activities are a way to achieve that, and to help you reconnect with nature .

2) SUP / YOGA – what if I can’t swim?

Honestly? If you can’t swim you should learn that first. Having said this, you don’t need to be a very strong swimmer. And you don’t need to have practised yoga before. We welcome yogi enthusiasts and new-comers alike. Remember, the worst thing that can happen is you fall in the water – which is the most fun part! (Yes, you will get wet.)

3) What should I wear for SUP / YOGA?

A comfortable bathing suit is a good idea. Or you can wear light wicking yoga gear that you would normally wear to a studio if you don’t mind it getting wet

4) What should I bring with me?

SUNSCREEN is important. As we are eco-conscious we ask that your sunscreen is eco-friendly*


RASH GUARD is highly recommended for those with tattoos, fair skin or just sensitive to heat!

HAT – preferably one you don’t mind getting wet! Baseball caps are ideal.


We provide you with a DRY BAG. At some point you will need to place this on the front of your board with your belongings inside.

5) Phones and cameras

We understand social media has taken over – but we encourage you to leave your smartphones and cameras back at the camp. We are more than happy to take photos for you during class so that you can concentrate on what you’re doing! Use your own discretion when bringing electronics on the trail.

6) Surely ACRO YOGA isn’t for beginners?

If you’re physically active and have no serious medical conditions, you will be able to practice some acro yoga. However, If you do not like to touch people it will be problematic.

7a) Is the TANDEM PARAGLIDING compulsory?

We may fly tandem if the weather conditions are suitable. All adventure activities have an element of fear, that’s what makes them exciting. Of course we would never attempt to force anybody to do something they didn’t want to do, but we hope to help you overcome any fears you might have – that’s part of our concept. Our Instructors are highly skilled and licensed professionals. They have many years’ experience and we take every precaution to make your experience as safe as possible.


Bring some good footwear (sneakers or running shoes), something that can give you good ankle support, as you are required to do a short run on take off. Also bring a warm top to wear.

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