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A new generation of movers with an appetite for the great outdoors

We’re Fabrizio & Lohene, partners in life, love, business, and adventure. We started NuAdventure in 2016 with a passion for exploring the world’s nature, movement, outdoor sports, and adventures. We share transformative travel experiences that make a positive impact. Hope you’ll join us and follow our adventures!

Here we speak about us and how we arrived at NuAdventure.

‘‘Fascinated by the fluidity of movement’’

My sporting life began already when I was four years old. I was a little girl full of energy, sharing my time between gymnastics and school work. When I was ten we moved back to the ‘magic island’. Here I took athletics outdoors, began to dance – modern, classic, hip hop – and my awareness of the body began to grow. I was fascinated by the fluidity of movement. Yoga came into my life after some years of study – AcroYoga, Aerial, Ashtanga, Sivananda, Hatha and Yin.

 ‘‘It all started to take flight’’

While working and travelling with my father in different countries, I became interested in different cultures – and the significance of both mind and body. Out of curiosity I did a teacher training and realised there was no end to my path. But something was missing from all the different practices. Perhaps it was the art of moving freely between them. So I playfully began to mix gymnastics and yoga. When I met Fabrizio it all started to take flight!

‘‘Paragliding – the place my gravity game began’’

My youth was filled with outdoor activities. The mountains of Ciociaria were my gym, where I learned physical fitness through running, climbing, crawling, jumping and swimming. At 13 I began to study Ninjutsu, then Krav Maga. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to explore ancient martial arts, yoga and Qigong – outdoors. From there I went on to rock climbing, trail running, Capoeira, kite surfing, SUP, free diving, and the place my gravity game began – paragliding.

‘‘Trapped in the cage of an office’’

Then for a while a I was trapped in the cage of an office. I practiced CrossFit, MovNat and studied different aspects of training, nutrition and psychology. I was soon buried under a mountain of books, blogs, podcasts and videos. And I couldn’t stop thinking about movement. But it was more than movement – it was the sense of freedom that came with it. I needed more of this in my life, and I wanted to share it with others. So I pulled out of city life, and then I met Lohene!


FAI Tandem Professional Pilot  \ ISA certified SUP instructors  \ FIN lifeguard \ \ MovNat L1  \ Apnea Academy L1  \ CrossFit L1  \  First Aid \ RLS Remote Life Support (Wilderness Medicine Society)



It’s not a job, it’s a lifestyle.

“Smell the sea, and feel the sky

Let your soul and spirit fly…”

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‘‘We like to think of ourselves as ADVENTURE Guides’’ Now that we’re here, realizing our NuAdventure, it’s important to us to give people a real taste of the different activities. This is why we work with specialists in fields such as Via Ferrata, Free Diving, Paragliding, and so on.

We can’t be experts in every field, but we can help people bring it all together in a holistic way. So we like to think of ourselves as NuGuides – we want to help people find their way back to living in the here and now. This is always easier outdoors, and the adventure aspect makes it really fun.

‘‘You don’t have to be an Ironman’’

Some people are worried they need to be extremely fit to come on our adventures – or experts in all the activities involved. But the point is to extend your comfort zone, to try new things and to see how they can work together.
So you don’t have to be an Ironman, just a sporty person who wants to explore your true potential. Some of us want to be stronger, more agile or fitter – and of course, nearly everyone wants to feel healthier.

‘‘In French, Nu sounds like nous’’

This suits us really well, because we believe in the power of we – doing things together and helping each other. A great example of this power can be felt in Acro Yoga.
As soon as you physically connect with another person a whole new world opens up. You have to trust each other, to support each other. This also gives you a great boost in your yoga if you already practice it. And if not, the Acro Yoga opens the door.
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