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I declare that I have read and carefully evaluated the content of this document and have clearly understood the meaning of every single point before signing it.

I Understand and share the objectives of these regulations, established for my safety and that not respecting them could put me in dangerous situations. To the effects of the. 1341 e 1342 of the italian Codice Civile, i declare to approve the following points of the present writing:

3) To be in good physical and psychological conditions that will not compromise the above-mentioned activities.

4) Have a valid medical certificate that states a good physical condition and allows me to participate to non- competitive sport activities.

5) Be aware of the risks, predictable and unpredictable, connected to the activity practice, even though not considering it a potentially dangerous activity.

6) Accept from now any responsibility related to my person for damages caused to my person or other persons, damages to things, caused by my own behavior not in compliance to rules, neither for my heirs, and to relief NuAdventure ASD, its collaborators, employees, and their whole heirs, from any responsibility for injuries, death and any damage (even caused to third party), if it comes from my person in occasion and in consequence of the activity practiced by the Association.

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With this document, I authorize, for the Italian law n196/2003, the Sport Association NuAdvnture ASD to collect, treat and store of the personal datas above-mentioned, only for institutional aims.

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