• Aguglia Cala Goloritze - Sardinia

    To reconnect with nature,

    come play with gravity

     in Sardinia

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  • Cala Luna Cave Sardinia

    Sleep above ground and below stars

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  • Get some air under your wings

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  • Become your own master of balance

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  • Rediscover your adventurous self in Sardinia

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  • Let your roots grow deep down

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  • Breathe deep, eat slow, reach high.

    Discover why do Sardinians live so long.

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Would you like to know how to bring together your adventure sports with a lifestyle of wellbeing and balance in just one Activity Holiday? Are you ready to taste Sardinia’s slowest foods? Could you manage a couple of days in the wild? And without internet?

Welcome to a new form of adventure travel










Our adventures are set in the wild and varied landscape of Sardinia, where there’s an opportunity to try out or improve a range of activities. Each one is an opportunity to play the gravity game. Some of them might be new to you, but we hope to take things you already have some experience of – and bring them together in a more holistic and powerful way. This makes it easier for you to improve your quality of life when you get home.

  • “My son (15) and I (15+) did an afternoon of paragliding with Fabrizio and his girlfriend yesterday. It was amazing. They were both so friendly and helpful. We felt very safe and looked after. Once in the air, the panoramic view with the surrounding mountains (where the rare griffon eagles reside), clear skies and acquamarine coastline made it a once-in-a-lifetime experience that we will not quickly forget. Fantastic, adrenaline-fuelled fun with great people. Do it today, you will not regret it”

    Grelen. / London, England
  • “What an amazing week! very easy to book and quick to answered all my questions. We traveled to some of the most beautiful places i have been to. They were well prepared when the weather was not quite right for the activities. Great local food. Had a great time with great people. I would love to do it again.”

    LINDA T. / Wellington, NEW ZELAND
  • “I think it’s safe to say I had the most amazing week I could have in Sardinia. Amazing people, astonishing nature and indulging food. NüAdventure brought me back to where I want to be.”

    Mieke L. / Netherlands


Yoga means union, when it’s practiced outdoors it seems like you connect with nature, humanity and the whole universe. Our morning session helps to wake-up mind and body, but also to prepare us for the different activities planned each day. This is great way for the group to get into a state of flow. Apart from the different varieties of yoga that we move between, we practice SUP-yoga, Gravity-Free or Aerial yoga, and Acro Yoga!


To train for adventure sports you need an athletic and diverse approach. You need to keep on challenging your body – without letting the training become static. This way, you are able to explode when you want. That’s why we combine aspects of every successful movement program we’ve found – CrossFit, MovNat, Martial Arts and more. We explore skilful and adaptable movements that you can practise in your daily lifestyle. 


If you want to know why birds keep singing all day, run off a mountain together with a tandem pilot and get a first-hand experience of free flight. It’s difficult to describe the joyful sensation of defying gravity as you soar back and forward above the coastline. For many, it’s a big step outside the comfort zone (not unlike free diving). and this is where much of what we learn about our bodies in other activities help to prepare us.


Stand up paddle-board is a breathtaking way to experience our beautiful coastline. Unlike the Kayak, it allows you to work with your upper body, while standing up – strengthening your core. With high intensity it can also be a great way to improve fitness. Then, when the SUP becomes a floating platform for yoga, the art of balance takes on new meaning. This helps you to better understand your body, breathing and mind.


We’ve been doing it since we were a few months old – exploring our habitat on foot. Before this, our ancestors have been doing it since they could stand upright. So you understand how fundamental it is for a full range of human motion and strength. Naturally, we use it to get to places that are often hard to reach, but the rewards of ascending parts of our mountains are well worth a couple of ours of hiking.


Magical, mystical and zen-like, it allows us to explore the beauty of Sardinia below sea level. Free diving also activates your body’s most primal survival reflex in a very powerful way – helping you to control your need for oxygen. And while you’re developing mind-over-body strength below the surface, the sea is treating you to a gravity-free experience.Our guide into the deep blu are the professional freedivers from CALA D’OLIVA DIVING CENTER


We cal it Via Ferrata, but there aren’t many iron handholds along the cliffs of Capo Caccia – only what’s necessary to move safely on tip-toes across the limestone. Our guide is the man who designed the course, Corrado Conca, somebody who knows the gravity game well. Come and cling to the west-facing walls, 203 metres above the sea.


Sea kayaking gives us a unique perspective of both land and sea – notice how much bigger the smallest waves appear when you climb aboard! One of the most interesting and beautiful coastlines of Sardinia also provides us with a way to get from A to B by kayak. While gazing at untouched nature both above and below sea level, our logistic support for this adventure will be provided by our professional friends from PRIMA SARDEGNA.

Amazing people, incredible cuisine, unique accommodation, cultural happenings, and just the right amount of discomfort to challenge and expand your boundaries.


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